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Transportation in Indonesia

Transportation: Transportation is a bit of a mission in Indonesia as it is pretty spread apart to o get from one place to the next.

As with most things in Indonesia, transportation is substantially impacted by the nation’s island geography. Sea transport remains a critical mode of transportation between islands for visitors and locals alike. Large islands normally have at least one major port city, with a dizzying network of ferry routes connecting people, goods, and vehicles to smaller islands.

Most local people get around by way of cars, motorbikes, and buses. There are also four unconnected networks of railways in Java and Sumatra, which help to cover vast distances that span between major destinations on these islands. Private cars and taxis are usually the most reliable and comfortable ways to get around, but journeys can also be made by train and bus.

Air transport is the fastest growing mode of transportation around Indonesia, and offers a major boost in convenience.

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