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Tips for a Family Vacation in Indonesia

The Indonesian people are well-known for their love of kids and families, both in the internationalized tourist towns and more local, traditional rural areas, so expect a warm welcome during your Indonesia holiday.

Be careful in large cities, where the streets can be crowded–keep the little ones in sight or hold their hands to avoid getting separated or lost in unfamiliar areas.

The larger and more touristy urban areas offer a range of places to shop for the things your kids need, but if you’re traveling farther afield, try to bring the essentials with you.

While travel on the main islands is a comfortable and simple affair, heading out to some of the lesser islands can be time-consuming and more challenging due to underdeveloped infrastructure.

Drink only bottled water, use your discretion when it comes to street food, and bring plenty of mosquito repellent and sunscreen especially on wet season.

Tips for a Family Vacation in Indonesia

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