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Places to Visit in Indonesia with Kids

Places to Visit in Indonesia with KidsBeach resort towns of all shapes and sizes remain the main draw for families on vacation in Indonesia, each offering plenty of accommodations, outdoor activity centers, and amenities.

The country’s developed tourist infrastructure allows for comfort and ease with, for instance, restaurants serving international cuisine and plenty of English speakers in the main resort towns.

A trip with kids to Java can be particularly enriching, with the island a center of culture and history. Many families staying on Java choose to spend time in Yogyakarta, an ancient city with historical attractions and good tourist infrastructure.

Intense, frantic, but ultimately rewarding, Jakarta has plenty to offer, including museums, eateries, and entertainments.

Each island offers the chance to meet Indonesian wildlife up close; those looking to enjoy a bird-watching, trekking, or animal-spotting vacation in Indonesia should head to the national parks of Kalimantan.



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