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Personal Habits


  • Burping is regarded as a sign of appreciation after a good meal and so Indonesians generally do not excuse themselves after burping
  • Sometimes knowledge of how diseases are spread has not been taught so people may openly cough or sneeze without attempting to cover their mouth or nose
  • Most Indonesian men enjoy smoking. There are many public spaces where you will inevitably have to breathe in cigarette smoke
  • Spitting is common among some Muslims during the fasting month as it is part of the daily cleansing ritual, particularly prior to prayer
  • Squatting is a very natural position for Indonesians and they learn from infancy to assume this position
  • Because squatting is comfortable, squat toilets are common even in some luxurious shopping malls and office buildings.
  • Red welts or dark red marks on necks or faces are the result of a custom called Kerok. It involves rubbing a coin on a person’s skin to break blood vessels and relieve aches and pains.
  • A very long nail on Indonesian men is an indication of his status as a non-manual labourer or worker.

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