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Indonesia Trip Planning

Generally speaking, Indonesia has a little hot tropical climate all year round. However, the monsoon season can be a real bummer. April to October makes up the “Dry Season” while November to March is usually “Wet / Rainy”.

However, as it is such a large country, it is best to check specifically for where you are planning to go. The best time to go in there is usually minimal rainfall.

Traveling Indonesia can be done as cheap or maybe as expensive as you want. Everywhere you go you will find cheap homestays as well as luxury villas or you like five-5 star hotels. Generally speaking, a budget plan day is pretty good. If you’re planning on doing loads of tours and activities during your time, consider stretching on your good budget.



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Food (Typical Meal For One)

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While Indonesia is super cheap, here are some specific ways you can save money while you travel around Indonesia:

  1. Eat on the street – You can pick up tasty local fare. Street side snacks, soups, and noodles will keep your wallet fat and your belly full, Markets are your best bet for finding seriously cheap food.
  2. Bargain hard – Nothing is ever at face value in Indonesia. Bargain with sellers as most of the time the price they’ve quoted will not be the price you’ll pay if you bargain.
  3. Drink cheap – Save money on alcohol by heading to the local happy hours (or just buying your drinks at a local store instead). This will be the cheapest way to drink.
  4. Take the free shuttles – While taxis are affordable, pretty much every accommodation will offer free airport transfers. Take advantage of these and save yourself some money.
  5. Bring a filtered water bottle – Some location has of plastic waste. It has so much that a lot of it just gets burned. it during your visit, bring a reusable water bottle with a filter to save both money and the environment.

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