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Cities Of Indonesia

Cities in Indonesia

cities of indonesia

Indonesia is one of Asia’s most populous countries, which isn’t surprising as it is the 15th largest country in the world by area. Eleven of the country’s cities have populations that have surpassed the one million resident milestone, including the capital city of Jakarta which has surpassed 8.5 million as of 2019. There are also over 100 cities that boast populations exceeding 100,000, and an additional 240 cities with minimum populations of 10,000 residents. The country’s cities are scattered among 34 provinces. These provinces are the highest level of government, and these are broken down into cities and regencies. These are further split into districts.

Bali is the island that is a province of Indonesia. The city has become known as a center for culture in Indonesia, and its role as a popular tourist destination has boosted its economy, making it a desirable place to live. This can be seen by the population growth that it has experienced in recent years, The Island’s rich culture and history and economy that is significantly boosted by tourism, the population growth is only expected to climb higher in the years ahead


Denpasarcities of indonesia 2: a capital city of Bali province and boasts a range of modern restaurants and lively bars, souvenir shops and large malls, as well as long sandy beaches and historical sites.






Kutacities of indonesia 3: One of the most popular attractions and beach activities at Bali, Kuta is known for its long, lively beaches rich in entertainment options and activities, as well as a bustling nightlife scene of stylish restaurants and raucous bars.

Once a sleepy village with a quiet, beautiful sweep of beach, Kuta has become a popular beach destination in its own right, alive with tourists from all over the world, swimming, surfing or sunbathing by the beach. Others, casually dressed in shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops stroll along its main road, shopping around or enjoying meals at its many open air restaurants, when in Kuta you know that you are in a holiday town, and people here are in a holiday mood.

Back in the 1960’s the only hotel was the Kuta Beach Hotel, but soon without much planning, Kuta developed rapidly into a haunt for surfers and backpackers, while the high end market preferred to stay at the more sedate sanur beach on the opposite side of the peninsula. With time, Kuta’s popularity grew, and shops, restaurants, discos hotels, – from the simple to the exclusive – sprang up along the main road from Kuta to Legian district, catering to the ever increasing holiday crowd, that not only included international tourists but also domestic visitors from local Indonesia and other big cities

Seminyakcities of indonesia 4: also city of part Bali island, has become popular with international tourists because of its diving opportunities, hotel-lined beach, and craft markets, as well as its proximity to some of the island’s wildest jungles

Seminyak sits a little way along the coast from the famous Kuta Beach in Bali and provides a welcome alternative to its brasher and more crowded cousin. Seminyak has its own pretty beaches and there is a feeling of more space here as the crowds that descend on kuta are not as prevalent in Seminyak. As Seminyak has a beach it also has some good surf and you can also rent a board here and ride the waves or just stick to swimming or sunbathing.

One of the main reasons to come to Seminyak is to enjoy not only the beach but also the amazing beach bars and cafes that run along the coastlines and you will find a huge number of choices available which means that you will never go hungry or thirsty here. Many of the restaurants have foreign chefs in residence so if you want to try some fine dining then this is a great place to do it.

People also flock to Seminyak for its nightlife although it is a little tamer than neighboring Kuta. Whereas Kuta has a number of nightclubs, Seminyak is more focused on beach clubs where you can sip a drink with your feet in the sand, although there are also some clubs to be found in the area. As if all that wasn’t enough, Seminyak is also known for its shopping with some of the biggest names in Bali choosing to open up shop here. As such, you can walk along the main shopping arteries of this part of the island and shop until you drop.

Ubudcities of indonesia 5: One of district at bali, an artsy town at the center of a picturesque rural area, Ubud keeps visitors entertained with a set of performance spaces, galleries, and museums. Located in the uplands of Bali and is a completely different atmosphere to brash and busy areas like Kuta or Seminyak. This part of the island has long been known as its cultural capital and you will find colorful art galleries, engaging museums, and dainty temples all over the area. There is also the beautiful Royal Palace in the center of town and all of the cultural attractions are set against valleys and terraces of jade-hued rice fields. Ubud is also the home of some of the finest dining in Bali and there are a wealth of healthy restaurants here serving up vegetarian and vegan fare, or you can head to some of the resorts in the area and enjoy some upscale dining. Ubud is a close to a range of other famous Balinese attractions like the sacred bathing waters of Tirta Empul, and if you want to experience the best of the culture here then make sure not to miss an elegant Balinese dance performance.

cities of indonesia 6Senggigi: The region is the main tourist destination on the Lombok island in Indoneesoa. The main town is Senggigi itself, and the whole area is well known for its beautiful west facing beaches. Senggigi beach is one of the most favorite destinations among tourists according to the tour of Indonesia. Senggigi beach has length approximately 10 kilometers and when you are there it was like seeing the most beautiful background made of nature. The sand is white and some black, so the beach is a bit different that the other beaches. Although this place is the most favorite places and crowded, the water at the Senggigi beach still preserve clarity. When the waves are good, the surfers will surf all day long here. The good waves always come during the summer season. As well as the snorkeling sports, you can do it here in peace because the waves are not dangerous even for beginners though.

Besides the Senggigi beach has a long coastline that scenery horizon, mountain ranges, and the fresh air is a pity to be missed even though just a second. This beach is one of the famous locations for tour of Indonesia that you should not miss. If you are the lovers of photography, you certainly do not want to miss the sunset views. Reddish sky and the sun slowly sink into the end of the beach is one of the natural even that deserves to be awaited and immortalized. Apparently that is the appeal of this beach in the eyes of the tourists. Then there is no harm if you exercised the afternoon at the beach. Many people who come here during the afternoon for jogging or doing other sports.


Jakartacities of indonesia 7: The country’s capital of Indonesia. Jakarta weds modernity and tradition in a chaotic but enriching tableau, with bustling old markets sitting next to skyscrapers and historic colonial districts filled with museums, stylish eateries, and public parks.



cities of indonesia 8Bandung: One is a metropolitan city beside of Jakarta as well as the capital of West Java Province with most of the inhabitants are Sundanese. This city has numerous of tourist attractions both in its downtown area and hill sides. Due to its altitude, Bandung’s climate is relatively cool and humid compared to any other cities in Indonesia.

The highland city of Bandung is only a short 2.5 hours’ drive southeast of Jakarta via toll road, and is the overwhelming destination of choice for Jakarta residents to get away for weekends and long holidays. Lately it has also become a favorite holiday resort for tourists, who come here in droves to shop and enjoy its nature and fabulous foods. And with its popularity, an abundance of hotels have sprouted offering business facilities to luxurious service or also budget rooms, and eateries galore serving yummy local dishes to old-style Dutch cuisine. Meanwhile, the adjacent cool town of.


cities of indonesia 9Yogyakarta: Yogyakarta is a bustling town of some half a million people and the most popular tourist destination on Jawa, largely thanks to its proximity to the temples of Borobudur and Prambahan. The town is a hub of art and education, offers some good shopping and has a wide range of tourist facilities.




cities of indonesia 10Aceh:  The capital city of Aceh Province is famous as the oldest Islamic city in Southeast Asia. A lot of history believe that the teachings of Islam in the archipelago originated from this city. Up until now, Banda Aceh is still carrying out Islamic Sharia law in all aspects of people’s lives. Not only that, the city was once the capital of the Aceh Sultanate. That is why Banda Aceh was nicknamed “Bumi Serambi Mekkah”.

Aceh is a province in the northern tip of Indonesia and sees far fewer visitors than many other parts of the country. The province is known for the devastating tsunami of 2004 which killed almost 200,000 people, and it is also notable for being the only place in Indonesia to have Shariah law. The province is less well known however for its attractions and natural beauty, but actually Aceh has some of the best beaches in the country, and the capital city of Banda Aceh has plenty to recommend it.

Danau Toba: Danau Toba or Toba Lake is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia, especially in Medan, North Sumatra. Danau Toba is the largest volcanic lake in Indonesia, even in the Southeast Asia. Which make it more special is taken from the Samosir Island, an Island that settled in the middle of the lake. The island in the middle, was joined to the caldera wall by a narrow isthmus, which was cut through to enable boats to pass; a road bridge crosses the cutting. Samosir Island is the cultural center of the Batak tribe, the indigenous from North Sumatra.

cities of indonesia 11By the eruption of a super volcano (Mount Toba) was estimated to have caused mass death and extinction of several species of living creatures. The eruption of Mount Toba has led to changes in the earth’s weather and the start into the ice age that affects the world civilization.

Lake Toba is actually more like a sea than a lake considering its size. Therefore, the Lake placed as the largest lake in Southeast Asia and the second largest in the world after Lake Victoria in Africa. Lake Toba is also includes the deepest lake in the world, which is approximately 450 meter


cities of indonesia 12Belitung : The island has become a new favorite island-themed holiday destination among tourists located south-east off the larger island of Sumatra.  With its impeccable pristine beaches, blue waters and natural granite rock structures, its hard not to linger on its beauty. Well known after the success of the box office Indonesian movie and this island determined to reach its goal to become one of world’s best Geoparks.

A Global Geopark is a UNESCO-designated area that contains natural sites with particular geological importance and are intended to be conserved on account of its heritage. Tourism is expected to act as booster to spread knowledge and awareness of this unique natural wonder. Here are a few for you to start your incredible holiday.


Bunaken : is an island, formerly part of Manado City bay, is norther part of Sulawesi province, Indonesia. The visitors can reach Bunaken by speed boat about 30 minutes from Manado sea port. Around the Bunaken Island, there is Bunaken Sea Garden which is part of Bunaken National Park.

cities of indonesia 14Bunaken Marine Park has 20 points dive spot with varying depth of up to 1344 meters. From those 20 diving points, the 12 points among them are around is Bunaken Island. Those twelve point dive are the most frequently visited by the divers or tourist who want to enjoy the beauty of the underwater scenery.

Most of the 12 points dive in Bunaken Island is line from the southeast to the northwest of the island. In this area, there are great underwater walls, also called the hanging walls, a giant rock walls that stand vertically and curved upward. These rock walls are also a source of food for fish in the waters around Bunaken Island.


cities of indonesia 15Morotai : is an island and definitive regency in Halmahera, North Maluku, which is the Northeast Island in Indonesia. During the 15th century and 16th, Morotai was under the powerful influence of the Sultanate of Ternate. This is the core of a large area called the Moro, which include coastal islands of Halmahera and close to Morotai to the south.

For the Allies, Morotai Airport was a multi-entrance system (multi-gate system) from the Pacific. Morotai was chosen by U.S. because of the geographic, which was very strategic in the Asia Pacific region. In fact, Morotai able to bring victory for U.S. troops to defeat the soldiers of Nippon.

Beside the historical background, Morotai is also has potential destination like the beaches. The visitors can do diving or fishing in Dodola Marine park which is located in Small Dodola and Large Dodola island.

You can also enjoy panoramic views of white sandy beaches along the 16 km. Meanwhile, on the island of Pulau Ngelengele Besar and Pulau Ngelengele Kecil (both located in the Western District of South Morotai and is about five miles from Port Daruba, Morotai), travelers can pamper themself to a white sandy beach, tropical sun and blue sea.

cities of indonesia 16Raja Ampat – Papua : The east part of Indonesia offers lots of hidden beautiful places on which lush nature and majestic islands reside. Raja Ampat District is not an exception. It is located in West Papua Province and has gained better popularity these days (among travelers). Featuring tons of islands, tourists often come to the site to do island hopping and other fun activities like photography, honeymoon, nature exploration, and much more. The name means “Empat Raja” or Four Kings, actually. It is represented by its 4 major islands called Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo, and Misool. All of them are worth a visit, for sure.

Most of the travelers recognize Raja Ampat as an exotic vacation destination in Indonesia. It has a unique nautical beauty, on which tourists can explore. Some high-quality resorts are also available in the major islands and they offer a special diving package to visitors. During the high seasons or holidays, visitors might spend more than 2 weeks there. They


cities of indonesia 17Komodo Island : small island of 280 square km, Komodo is located between Sumbawa and Flores islands. It is famous for its giant lizards, considered the last of their kind remaining in the world today, the Komodo dragon. Called “ora” by the local people, Komodo “Dragon” (Varanus Komodoensis) is actually a giant monitor lizard. Growing up to 3 to 4 meters in length, its ancestors roamed the earth up to about half a million years ago. Komodo live on goats, deer, and even the carcasses of its own kind. The only human population on the island is at the fishing village called Komodo who supplement their income-breeding goats, which are used to feed the lizards. The Komodo had protected by the law and although they are considered harmless, it is advisable to keep them at a distance. Komodo Island is now a nature reserve, home to a number of rare bird species, deer, and wild pigs, which are prey to the lizards as well.

To see the lizards in the daytime, baits have to be set in the hinterland where local guides are necessary. The sea surrounding the island offers vistas of sea life, crystal clear waters, and white sandy beaches. The only accommodation available is in simple guesthouses in the fishing village. It is advisable to carry food supplies.







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