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Best Things to Do in Indonesia

Best Things to Do in Indonesia

As mentioned, Indonesia is a country that has a little bit of everything for everyone. Despite being frequented by millions and millions of tourists every day, there is still a large portion of Indonesia, mainly in Java and Sumatra that remains largely unexplored. Here are a few of the best places things to do in Indonesia.

If adventure is your thing, Indonesia has no shortage of them! From surfing, white water rafting to paragliding, take a look at these epic adventures that can be found all over Indonesia.


Get Your Surf On

Best Things to Do in IndonesiaHome to some seriously epic waves, the Indonesian shoreline is considered as heaven for surfers. Offering everything from beginner waves to large barrels, there is no shortage of good waves in Indonesia. If you’re Bali bound, consider checking out our article on the best surf spots in Bali which features breaks in Canggu, Medewi, and the famous breaks in Uluwatu.

Alternatively, if you hate crowded surf lineups, head to places in Java like Batu Karas and G-Land. Apart from that, Lombok, Mentawai islands, and Nias Island are all massive surf destinations which are worth checking out. We just spent a week exploring Lombok and loved every bit of it. Seriously epic waves with not so crowded lineups!


Get Healthy in Indonesia

Best Things to Do in Indonesia 2One of the best things about Indonesia, Bali, in particular, has an overwhelming amount of healthy food choices. Everything from meditation retreats, yoga seminars, to super healthy organic restaurants and cafes. At Canggu Bali, relishing in the many restaurants and cafes that make it easy to eat healthily. On the other hand, once you’ve had your health kick fill, check out our guide on the most unusual things to do in Bali for some inspiration.


Attend a Cooking ClassBest Things to Do in Indonesia 3

When in Indonesia, we recommend going on a culinary adventure by attending a cooking class where you can learn how to cook all the delicious Indonesian fares. Everything from nasi gorengs, delicious rendangs, satay and more.


Eat, Pray, and Adventure in UbudBest Things to Do in Indonesia 4

Popularized by the famous film, Eat, Pray, and Love, Ubud has become a popular spot for travelers. Apart from doing the usual rice field and waterfall sightseeing, there are also heaps of adventurous things to do in Ubud. From whitewater rafting to mountain biking to Mountain Batur there are loads of options for those who like to stay active.


Explore the Many Mountains and Volcanos

Best Things to Do in Indonesia 7

Java, Indonesia is home to some of the most beautiful mountains and volcanos imaginable. To date, one of our favorite travel experiences is seeing the sunrise over Mount Bromo. The way the sun slowly illuminated the valley was truly a magical experience. The fact that we did it without a tour made it even more special. Apart from Mount Bromo, seeing the blue flames in Kawah Ijen is another must-do while in Indonesia.


See the Cultural Wonders of Yogyakarta

Best Things to Do in Indonesia 5If you’re looking to explore the cultural side of Indonesia, head on over to Yogyakarta to see the majestic Prambanan Hindu temples as well as to watch the sunrise by Borobudur which is the largest Buddhist temple built in the 9th century. Although we’ve seen lots of majestic sunrises while traveling Southeast Asia, the one in Borobudur easily makes it to our top 5.


Explore the Exquisite Marine Life

Best Things to Do in Indonesia 6

If you’re an avid scuba diver, the diving in Indonesia is some of the best in the world From the historical dive sites in Bali like the USAT Liberty Wreck in Tulamben to other sites in Tulamben and Nusa Penida and Lembongan. If you’ve never dived before and are considering learning, you can get certified in the Gili Islands or in the Komodo National Park.

In Indonesia, hands down, some of the best diving is in Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat. Every dive we did we saw sharks, tuna as large as tables, and other large pelagics. We honestly felt like a kid in a candy shop, if you are serious about your diving, a liveaboard in Indonesia is something you have to do. The liveaboard diving in Komodo as well as in a few long liveaboard diving trips in Raja Ampat take you to the best-unexplored dive spots in the country and is well worth doing.

Live like a King

If you have time, another recommended activity is to go trekking in Sumatra to see the Orangutans. four-day trek and got to see some pretty amazing wildlife along the way. At one point, woke up in our makeshift campsite with one large Orangutan curiously staring at you from a nearby tree. It was definitely an incredible experience and something you have to do again in a heartbeat. Apart from trekking to see the Orangutans, there are a few other things to do in Sumatra that we highly recommend like chilling out in Lake Toba, surfing in untouched reefs, and exploring the many beautiful sights near Brastagi.



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